What do you do when you have about 60 seconds to get a meal together, and maybe about another 60 seconds to actually eat that meal?

Well, besides the 60 second salad of course!

The answer for most people is to utilize a meal replacement that’s either in powder or pre-mixed liquid form.

Typically these meal replacements are made with cheap proteins, some sugar and/or artificial sweeteners, and a bunch of low quality vitamins and minerals (not all vitamins and minerals are created equal) to give the illusion of being good for you.

While these are certainly convenient, and I’ve had my fair share of meal replacements, there’s a couple problems with them.

One is, they’re oftentimes not that healthy. Or at least, they’re not as healthy as whole foods. Granted, you can find healthier meal replacements, but then they’re often high priced and harder to find.

The other issue is, unless the meal replacement has an added fiber or appetite suppressing component (which some popular weight loss shakes do), they’re often not very filling.

But what if there was a way to get the convenience of meal replacements, with the health benefits and appetite fulfillment of whole foods, all for a price that is reasonable for just about any budget?

I developed this strategy to meet all of those needs. And while meal replacements will never be as ideal as whole food meals, with a busy lifestyle, sometimes what is ideal must come secondary to what is practical.

What I do is start with an empty shaker bottle. I will add only powder ingredients. Since I keep a large jug of water bottle with me at all times (bonus tip: do the same), I’ll simply add water when I’m ready to drink/eat.

I combine any of the following ingredients:

  • Protein powder: Hemp, Whey Concentrate, Rice, Pea, and/or Micellar Casein (avoid soy)
  • Fiber: Ground flax seed, ground chia seed, coconut flour
  • Flavor: Cacao powder, carob powder, dried vanilla, instant coffee
  • Healthy fats: Almond meal, coconut flour, MCT powder
  • Healthy carbs: oat flour or ground oatmeal flakes, brown rice flour
  • Vitamins/Minerals/Nutrition/Superfood: Greens blend such as Vitamineral Green, Spirulina, Chlorella, Moringa, Camu Camu, Noni powder, Mangosteen powder, Etc.

For example, I could put whey protein, almond flour, and some shredded oats (rolled oats processed in a coffee grinder) into an empty shaker cup. I can optionally add in other beneficial things like greens and herbal powders to kick up the micronutrients. Then whenever I’m ready to eat, I add some water to the shaker cup, shake, and then enjoy a satisfying meal that will keep my appetite satisfied for hours and provide some healthy whole food nutrition all at once.

I purchase raw ingredients from http://truenutrition.com at wholesale prices. They also allow you to custom make your own meal replacement shakes using some healthier proteins, carbohydrates, and fats with your own desired flavor and sweetener. Use discount code DKD714 to save on your order.


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