Jump rope training is not just for kids. When did you stop skipping rope? Unless you’re into boxing, crossfit or are still in the third grade, this cardio activity is rarely a training choice. And yet, it’s a great way to shed fat and get in great shape…

1. The advantages of jumping rope

It can be done anywhere, anytime (in any weather), even at home, and requires only a very limited budget. It is a very high intensity activity that stimulates the entire cardiovascular system, blood circulation and muscles (including the heart).

It is a very high intensity activity that stimulates the entire body

Its practice increases general endurance, but it especially improves tonicity (glutes, calves, quads) and also the performance in vertical expansion (jumping) for the sports where it is necessary. Its intensity is obviously ideal for weight loss (+700 kcal burned per hour) and it equals or even surpasses jogging. Just avoid it if you are looking to gain muscle volume.
You can add a jump rope session at the beginning of your regular weight training session or intersperse your cardio at other times of the week.

Choosing the right rope:

A skipping rope should be comfortable to use and have a good grip. This is the case with anti-sweat and ergonomic handles that adapt to the shape of the hands and do not slip, thanks to a stop.
The length of the skipping rope is adjustable. It is measured by placing your feet on the rope and pulling up the handles on each side of your body, which should reach at least your armpits if you are just starting out. The length of the rope can be shorter if you are already trained.
The skipping rope is often made of nylon or vinyl, with steel ball bearings that prevent friction and wear. Beaded or leather ropes are more professional and are designed for faster, on-the-go use. Some strings can be weighted for an even more intense workout.

The proper jump rope posture:

Jumping rope is not a substitute for all other movements and should be complemented by strength training or sheathing. You need to keep your body tight and your back straight, without arching, during each jump. Find the right posture before your jumping rope sessions to ensure a good landing.

2. How to get the most out of your jump rope training?

Sample jump rope workout:

During your jumping rope session, alternate 10 seconds of effort with 20 seconds of recovery, all in a 5-minute session the first week (2 jumping sessions per minute). Then gradually increase the duration of the jumps and decrease the rest time, until you are able to jump for 1 minute in a row with a rest time of only 10 seconds between two sets. Then gradually increase the duration of your session to 10 and then 15 minutes or more, depending on your goal, alternating the types of jumps.
You will be in good condition when you link the sequences, almost without blowing between sets with shorter rest times.

Some variations of jumps:

  • Basic jump
    Reps: 60 sec.
    Jump over the rope with your feet on each forward turn of the rope.
  • Side jump
    Reps: 60 sec .
    Jump over the rope with both feet on each forward turn of the rope, alternating right and left jumps.
  • Backward jump
    Reps: 60 sec .
    Twist the rope back and forth and jump over the rope with both feet on each turn.
  • One foot jump
    Reps: 60 sec .
    Jump over the rope on one foot with each turn of the rope to the front.
    Alternate with the other foot.
  • Alternating one foot jump
    Reps: 60 sec .
    Jump alternating left foot and right foot over the rope each forward turn of the rope.
  • Cross jump
    Reps: 60 sec .
    Jump by crossing your feet over the rope on each forward turn of the rope, alternating the front foot.
  • Double jump

Reps: 60 sec .
Jump high enough that you can make two turns of the rope before landing on your feet. Practice doing this, even if you miss every other time.

Don’t give up even if it’s hard at the beginning. You’ll progress quickly with consistency. And if you need motivation, watch the videos…


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